Plane Fax Escrow Inc.

An Oklahoma Corporation

Plane Fax Escrow Inc. - An Oklahoma Corporation


Pricing for Aircraft Escrow, Aircraft Title, and International Registry Services

Title Searches
FAA Title Search – Piston Aircraft $89
FAA Title Search – Turbine Aircraft $99*
Engine Title Search FAA $89
Rush Service $25
*Larger aircraft + extensive files subject to additional fee or charge
IR Airframe Searches** $110
IR Engine Searches** $110
**Includes IR Fees
Other Services

Plane Fax Report
Includes 337’s, list of previous owners, accident-incident search, import-export history, airframe AD search, service difficulty reports, current owners contact information, complete FAA file

FAA PDF Files $19
Title, PDF, PFR Rush $25
Aircraft Re-Registration (FAA) $45
Aircraft Document Filing $45
N Number reservation / Assign $50
Lien Clearing (per item) $100 & Up
IR Filing $250
New IR User Setup $600
Escrow Fees
Escrows include Title Search and Plane Fax Report
$99,000 or less $500
$100K + Call
“Plane Fax Escrow, Inc. an Oklahoma corporation, not all services available in California”
Light Aircraft (Best Value) Save over $45!
Includes Plane Fax Report ($99), FAA Files ($19), FAA Title Search ($78) list of previous owners, Import/Export History, 337s, Service Difficulty Reports, Accident/Incident Search.